Thursday, 2 May 2013

News: Iron Man 3 Hot Toys Collectible Exhibit by Action City

After knowing that Action City is holding an exhibit at Bugis, I headed down this afternoon to check it out. Located at Bugis Junction Level 1 Hylam Street, it is not a very big exhibit, but good enough for showcasing
some of the previous and upcoming Iron Man collectible figurines! Be sure to scroll down for more pictures!

Last but not least, I am very interested in the Armored Whiplash, Looking forward for its release!

If you are interested to visit this exhibition too, it is still opened till 5th May 2013. While you were there, be sure to drop by at the Iron Man exhibition by Play Imaginative too!


  1. James, I am also keen for the whiplash mark 2..hopefully the price is not ecpensive...

  2. Yes bro, the recent die cast series is burning holes my pocket