Friday, 2 August 2013

News: Nendoroid - Colossal Titan & Attack on Titan Playset from Good Smile Company

Currently one of my favorite anime. Although some of the parts were really disgusting (ie: eating of humans alive etc...) but I liked the role of the main character, Eren and  the mystery behind him. Really surprised that
GSC is making the Titan first instead of Eren or Mikasa, but the mini playset is really interesting!

"On that day, mankind remembered the fear of being controlled by the Titans.... From the anime series 'Attack on Titan' comes a Nendoroid of the Colossal Titan that breaks down the walls that protect mankind! He comes with two expressions including a realistic expression that looks more like the face in the series, as well as a chibi expression designed for the Nendoroid!

A special dioramic base made to look like the Shiganshina District including the giant wall and city are also included to recreate the epic scenes from the series! The Titan that ate Carla, a 15-meter class titan and one other secret titan are also all included as miniature Titans to help bring out the tense atmosphere. Miniature villagers and soldiers and even a broken wall are also included! The 'Attack of Titan' world is coming to life in Nendoroid size for fans to enjoy!" - Taken from amiami website

Source from: amiami and Good Smile Company website

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