Sunday, 21 April 2013

News: Kotobukiya revealed the colored version of Iron Man 3 War Machine ARTFX statue

We have seen the uncolored prototype of this War Machine ARTFX statue released by Kotobukiya several weeks ago. Now this full colored version of War Machine ARTFX statue is shown on Kotobukiya's
facebook page, getting ready to launch soon!

"A Kotobukiya Japanese import! This summer one of the most popular Marvel franchises returns to the silver screen - Iron Man 3. Joining the previously announced Iron Man Mark 42 ARTFX statue is none other than War Machine!  

Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes is one of Tony Stark’s most trusted friends and has been by his side through thick and thin. Upon one fateful evening requiring him to don the Mark II armor events would ultimately unfold creating the JRXL-1000 Variable Threat Response Battle Suit or War Machine for short. Outfitted with the latest ballistic weaponry systems by the U.S. government, War Machine is a true juggernaut of offensive and defensive capabilities.  

Using character model assets directly from the Iron Man 3 film War Machine is captured in mid-flight at 15 inches tall (1/6th scale) surveying the twisted metal remains of an industrial complex. This fully painted and detailed ARTFX statue assembles in minutes so you can have the armored avenger on display in no time. Arriving this fall the War Machine ARTFX statue makes the perfect companion piece to the upcoming Iron Man Mark 42 ARTFX statue!  

Available October 2013." - From Kotobukiya's facebook page

Source from: Kotobukiya's facebook page

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