Friday, 12 April 2013

News: Micro Film Sets - 1/6 Asphalt Road Scene by FILM MAN STUDIO

Saw this awesome 1/6 products on the internet this evening and thought of sharing it here. It is a 1/6 diorama scene produced by a new company known as FILM MAN STUDIO. You got to scroll down for pictures and more info!

"FILM MAN STUDIO Micro Film Sets  Our first product - 1/6 (proportion) Asphalt Road Scene 
Dear friends, FILM MAN STUDIO is now officially open for business. First of all, a sincere thanks to all of you for your attention and support. We dedicate ourselves to micro film scenes research and design. Through the five aspect, including the scene floor, backgrounds, props, lighting and wire stunts, the 1/6 Asphalt Road Scene will give you a better reflection of the original movie together with your collections of film character models. This is our first product, and now it is ready to meet you all!

FILM MAN STUDIO Micro Film Sets  1/6 Asphalt Road Scene 

Detailed Description of the floor of 1/6 Asphalt Road Scene
1. Asphalt road surface (simulation pavement texture, old-fashioned well cover, white doted lines and cracks on the road)  
2. Ground burst effect (caused by the impact from powerful characters on the road)
3. Marks left by water evaporation
4. Backgrounds board (combination of distant views and close views producing a better vision)
5. Wooden frame and foundation
6. Specially designed transparent acrylic dust-free cover (for the wire stunt effect)
7. LED cold & warm color lighting box (combination of cold color and warm color recreating a better night  atmosphere)
8. Size about: 85cmx50cmx50cm  In demand of the customers, we provide two sale modes: Basic Mode, Luxurious Mode BM  1/6 Asphalt Road Scene + Background (not including the characters and props in the pictures) LM  1/6 Asphalt Road Scene + Background +Dust-free cover + Lighting Box (not including the characters and props in the pictures)

We hope you would like our ideas and products. Your suggestions for the product as well as for our team are sincerely welcomed. With your help, we will keep working and try to create more micro film sets to share with you!" - Taken from

Source from: Toysdaily and onesixthrepublic

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