Tuesday, 13 November 2012

AFA 2012: Beach Queens from Wave and other anime merchandise

I was quite surprise to see a display cabinet full of Beach Queens series from Wave Cooperation. How could I miss such a chance to take photo of girls in bikini? :p Alright they may be figurines but they are cute too! Note: Please leave this post if you feel uncomfortable looking at girls figurine in bikini...

SAO display
It was around 4pm when I reached Sword Art Online merchandise booth. And by now you should have heard of the news that it was empty before AFA Day 1 ends. It is true! they have already sold of everything except the two swords replica and some mini figurine displays which is not for sale. I don't even get the chance to see their merchandise... :(

End of AFA 2012
I was walking around searching for the banner "See you in 2013", but it was nowhere to be seen. Anyway I took a snap of the entrance and an AFA banner.

Ok this is the end of my AFA post, it is a pretty short one because I really didn't take much pictures. AFA, we will see you in 2013!

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