Thursday, 1 November 2012

News: New HYBRID Grade Dragonball figurine series and HYBRID Grade Broly

I happened to see this new figurine series from Bandai, the Hybrid Grade from the Bandai webpage. According to source, when using apps from smartphone, you will be able to see the background effects! And the best of it is, in order to promote this new line, Bandai will be launching the Broly as their debut figure for this line! If you happened to see my previous post on Dragon Ball Kai Scultures 3 here, you will notice that the Broly shown here is identical to the upcoming Dragon Ball Kai Scultures 3.

From my knowledge there isn't any anime with Broly in SSJ3 mode. It is most likely from some other OVAs or games, etc. But I don't whether the hair is in Green or a yellowish green, it looks pretty weird to me... Anyway, below are more images of the green-haired Broly.

It is now available for PO on several online sites. I am not sure if this Broly is an exclusive figure, but if you are a die-hard Dragonball fan, there is no reason you will skip this right?

Source from: Cybergundam &


  1. According to the DBZ wiki, the SSJ 3 version of Broly is in the video game Dragon Ball: Raging Blast. Screen shot does show a yellow-green cast to Broly's hair, I guess mimicking the yellow-green tint of his ki in the movie.

    1. Hi there, thanks for the clarification. I went to the DBZ Wiki and true enough, there were pictures of Broly in yellowish green hair introduced in the Dragon ball's games.