Monday, 12 November 2012

AFA 2012: Goodsmile Company displays

Went to AFA 2012 Singapore held in Singapore Expo, a place where large and major events were held. This time we went there quite late and reached about 3pm, but we are quite amazed by the huge number of crowds gathered at the Expo. There are really a massive number of Anime/ Japanese culture lovers in Singapore. Anyway I will be sharing an intensive number of pictures taken at the event on this blog starting with Goodsmile Company's displays.

Quite a large amout of figurines display by GSC at the AFA 2012. From my memory, the figurine displays  in AFA 2011 held at Suntec last year didn't even reached half the number of figurines in AFA 2012 held at Expo this year. So thumbs up GSC, and hope to see more next year! Please continue to view my other post of coverage on AFA 2012!

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