Saturday, 24 November 2012

News: 1/6 Chinese Hero Series - ZhaoYun of Three Kingdoms (三國-趙雲) by SOUL魂作

Saw this post by onesixthrepublic on a Chinese Warrior in the novel/ history of the Three Kingdom. The novel of Three Kingdom is very well-liked by most Chinese in Singapore, Malaysia and China. Even if they do not read, they may have watched the TV series or the movie. During 2008 to 2009, the movie "Red Cliff" which was directed by John Woo even brought the "Three Kingdom" to higher height when it was released out of Asian. And thanks to the PS game Dynasty Warrior, a lot of youngster also came to know about the existence of characters like Zhao Yun and Lu bu... Back to the figure, it was noted that the company making this figure, SOUL (魂作) is intending to launch the five tiger warriors (五虎将) with Zhao Yun as the first warrior. Now let us look at some of the pictures taken during the production, blueprints and the prototypes.

Although the figure of Zhao Yun is still not yet officially announced, but SOUL had went ahead to tease on the next weapon, bow & arrows which belongs to Huang Zhong (黄忠)... Currently no news on when will the figure be release. But I foresee the price will not be cheap.

Source from: onesixthrepublic

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