Tuesday, 13 November 2012

AFA 2012: Our Loot

I almost forgot about this! We did manage to buy something at the AFA convention, which is what I am about to post. We saw this really nice Saber from Banpresto in one of the participating booth and decided to buy it.

This Saber seems to be made for the Typemoon's 10th anniversary by Banpresto. It actually comes in 2 version, the other version comes with a bouquet of flowers (which we feel weird). In the end we chose to buy only this version, which we think it looks better. And this is the only item we bought at the AFA 2012! We really saved alot of $$ compared to our previous AFA visits! Haha.


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    1. You should go bro, I always love to attend such event. Sometimes we can get to see things we don't usually see at CSC.